Burning Questions

Challenge winner Dale Talde vents about his strained relationship with Lisa Fernandez.

Apr 16, 2008


Bravotv.com: First let's talk Quickfire -- what was the most important part of conquering the beer challenge? How important is beer pairing in today's culinary world?
For me the most important part of conquering the beer challenge was my massive hangover from the night before. At that point the last thing i wanted to do was drink beer, but like at work you got to man up and get the job done. In the culinary world it's very important to know how to pair beer with food -- love love drinking a good beer with complex food.

Bravotv.com:You had a bit of trouble with your pretzel crust -- how did you try to salvage it. Is this something you've tried to do in the past?
The pretzel crust just wasn't happening. I think i had a good idea but a horrible execution. I'm sure sweating out the two bottle of champagne and case of beer had nothing to do with my performance, but no excuses -- just like at work. There really was no salvaging the crust, but like most of my dishes to this point that idea was spur of the moment.

Bravotv.com: How familiar are you with Koren Grieveson, the guest judge?
I don't know Koren personally but I've eaten at Avec a bunch of times and love what they are doing there.