Burning Questions

Jamie admits she deserved to be the one to pack her knives.

Feb 4, 20090

Bravotv.com: You were the last member of Team Rainbow left standing -- is Team Rainbow still alive and well off camera?

Oh Team Rainbow...that's one I will never live down! I never wanted to be a gay poster child when I started the show, but I think as the months have progressed I have changed my tune a little...It's amazing to be able to inspire a community and I am glad that I had the courage to be "out" on national tv...a lot of people can't even make it that far...I think its important to embrace who you are and be proud of it, hence the reason Team Rainbow was hatched in the first place. The three of us immediately bonded over being queer, which when you are a minority tends to happen, and yes, we are still thriving...in fact Rich and I are doing an a gay marriage fundraiser in San Diego next month.

Bravotv.com: Where can your fans learn more about you and your food?

Fans can check me out at  www.absinthe.com where I am still the Executive Chef...Plus, on our website there is a link that tells folks where I will be over the next few months so if I am in your city, I'd love for you to come out and say Hello! I also just wanted to say many many thank you's to everyone who has supported me through this journey...