Burning Questions

Lisa talks Stephanie, bacon, and her fight with Dale in the stew room.

Apr 9, 2008

Bravotv.com: Stephanie seemed to calm the situation down -- what's your take on her as a leader?
I think Stephanie as a chef and a person is awesome. She has a way of dealing with things, and she knows my personality and appreciates it, so we get along really well. She also knows Dale's personality, so she was a good mediator in the middle of us.

Bravotv.com: How was your confidence level after your win?
I was really excited about my win. It was Ming Tsai, a chef I really enjoy watching on TV and whose recipes I love. It was a really nice win, and I got a pretty awesome prize.

Bravotv.com: Can you tell us a little about that technique you used to make the bacon?

The bacon technique was just a technique I've learned, and I knew those flavors would go really well together, so I just went with it. Everything tastes good with bacon.