Burning Questions

Richard gets ousted, but reveals who he thinks should have packed his knives.

Dec 1, 2008

Bravotv.com: Let's start with the Quickfire, what inspired your original dish choice and the soup that followed?
Well, the original dish was the vegetarian chile rellenos, which sounded yummy, but i didn't think i could replicate in the time allowed, so i was going to do a "free form" version of them ... but I had a feeling we were gonna get a curveball -- why would the producers want us to just re-make a recipe from the TC cookbook? The soup was an idea I got from our sister restaurant here in SD, La Puerta. I had helped the owners work on some of the dishes in the beginning, and the flavors that we had put together were all in front of me during the QF. I figured, roll with it ... just wish I had grabbed those limes!!!

Bravotv.com: How difficult was it to spring back from the soup curveball?
Honestly, not that hard. It was just a matter of shifting gears and deciding how I wanted to tackle it. As soon as I had the ideas in my mind, it was just trying to haul a$$ to get it all done in time!

Bravotv.com: What was it like to cook for Chef Achatz?
I kinda felt a little silly, because I didn't have much knowledge about him before the show. I had heard the name, and the fact that he does a lot of Molecular Gastronomy from Hosea the night before (he was talking about dining at Alinea), so I was more scared the curve was gonna be to get molecular ... whew! The hardest thing for me was to try to win him back after he critiqued my soup, but since he said one of my dishes was his LEAST favorite, i guess it didn't work!

Bravotv.com: Onto the Elim, are you a Foo Fighters fan? What went through your mind when you saw them?

So, my boyfriend, Steve, makes fun of me becaus I can never remember who sings what songs ... so it took me a second, but then it started to click. "There Goes My Hero" and "Learn to Fly" are two of their songs I really like (though I'm not even sure if those are the titles, ha). But, the biggest thing going through my mind was that they liked the show, and we were gonna get to meet them!