Burning Questions

Winning chef Stefan reveals the name he wanted to give his restaurant.

Jan 21, 2009

Bravotv.com: First, Padma announces that it's Restaurant Wars, what was going through your mind? Have you been waiting for this all season?
Restaurant Wars is the ultimate challenge, even more important then winning Top Chef. It has been huge in the restaurant world. And when Padma says it is time for Restaurant Wars, I'm totally excited.

Bravotv.com: For the Quickfire, you create a Euro-American tasting for Stephen Starr. If you were to open a restaurant, is that what you would do? What inspired your asparagus trio?
People don't use white asparagus -- lots of chefs don't like it because they have to peel it and the texture is kind of stringy and the taste is so different to green asparagus. I grew up with it. It is seasonal and only available in May in Europe and everybody uses it. It is like a cult. See, I grew up in Europe and I love America and would never go back to Europe and live there. That's why I thought that I should mix Europe and America once again.

Bravotv.com: You were picked last for Restaurant Wars; do you understand why the other chefs think you're difficult to work with?

It was all tactics by Leah. Radhika does not like me and she would have never pick me, so it was smart for Leah to pick me last. And do I look like I was worried?? Ha! See, Radhika made on crucial mistake. YOU NEVER PICK A TEAM BY PERSONAL LIKING. It is business and she doesn't understand that and she got punished for it. BYE-BYE Radika, you got the shit stick. And I'm not difficult to work with; I run my own company. If I would listen to everything people tell me I would be broke and working in some restaurant for $5 in whatever town.