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Carlos Fernandez

Top Chef 3.0

Step right up folks ...we have a penthouse in Miami, a New York challenge, an Aspen finale, and a live reveal in Chicago. But wait, there's more ... trips to Italy, the French Alps, and round-trip Continental Airline tickets to anywhere in the wo...
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Up, Up, And Away ... In My Beautiful Balloon

This is my favorite episode so far -- both as a chef and as a former contestant. It made me anxious, nervous, and excited in all the right places. What an amazing backdrop to film in ... absolutely gorgeous. Great work all you Magical Elves! ...
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Barton G., Emmys, Le Cirque & Hung

Quickfire Challenge I really enjoyed this challenge. I have often sat in a restaurant and tried to recreate a dish in my head. And if it is really something amazing, I will go back to my restaurant and make the dish with my own spin. This challen...
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Back To School Daze

We here at love back to school. So much, in fact, that we asked some of our favorite Bravo celebrities to share their 'back to school' stories. For more on this series, click here. ...
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Three Stages

Queen of Denial I enjoyed watching the chefs relaxing around the fabulous penthouse when the reviews came in. The reactions to the critical comments were what I would expect -- chefs are very sensitive. As the negative reviews were read, I notic...
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