Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez on the culinary bee and the frozen food challenge.

on Aug 2, 2007

I really liked the idea of the culinary "bee" for the Quickfire Challenge. However it fell a bit short in execution. I believe that each of the items presented to the contestants should have been on a more even scale of difficulty. It might also have been a more interesting challenge had the contestants been blindfolded as to test all of their culinary senses. (It would also have made it a lot of fun watching them running to the back of the line, tripping and bumping into tables!) carlos_306_01_320x240.jpg

I ached for Sara N., as I know how vinegar really closes up the throat. And I just keep hoping that Hung will chill out on the juvenile arrogance and simply show us the skills that landed him the job of Executive Sous-Chef at Guy Savoy. I was impressed and happy to see Casey land yet another win, especially after having to stomach the fish paste. Yuck!