Carlos Fernandez

Carlos reminds eliminated Tre that no chef is Superman.

on Aug 28, 2007

Quickfire Challenge

Poor, poor Casey. When I saw her grab the knuckle buster knife I yelled, "Nooo!" She needed a chef's knife, one that will cut through the onion without your knuckles hitting the table with each downward chop. I know from experience that in the heat of the moment it can be difficult to think straight, but I don't know why none of her teammates didn't point that out to her. I know it would have helped her speed as well. It almost seemed as though she was holding back. Maybe she just forgot that this wasn't about accuracy, but speed. However, watching Sara go to town, I knew Casey wouldn't have a chance. And let's face it, we all knew that Hung was going to be Speedy Gonzales -- and he didn't let me down! After Dale informed us that he has no knife skills and cannot shuck oysters, I'm thinking "As if you weren't destined to whip those whites into stiff peaks -- this is so perfect for you!" And he didn't disappoint. I was happy for the newly named Quatre team. They needed the ego boost and as we saw later, it obviously paid off.

Elimination Challenge

After much speculation, it is finally revealed that the identity of Hung's monkey is none other than Christopher Ciccone -- Madonna's brother no less! While this was an interesting twist getting him to help with each team's decor, the judges never mentioned it again. Not that it mattered, but they had made such a big deal about it the last episode. Very cute having Stephen from Season One make a cameo as the sommelier for the Quatre team. I loved that Dale actually brought him down to earth a bit.