Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez congratulates Hung on his win!

on Oct 4, 2007


The judges really had it tough. They dissect everything, sometimes seeming merciless. Also the chefs have to stand there as their creations are disemboweled. (I know that sounds harsh, but when you are the one on the chopping block, that is what it feels like.) For example, the judges say they would have liked a little more acid in Hung's dish. All he really needed was more of the tomato vinaigrette and I bet that would have done the trick. The judges felt that Casey's addition of three small pieces of salmon roe ruined her dish. I know salmon roe is distinctive, but not overwhelming. And as far as Sake poached anything, you can count me in. I also believed that Dale's lobster dish had the potential to be phenomenal. He just needed to lighten up on the curry to a curry-scented broth, cook the lobster through and you have a home run. Hung's almond tuile with dessert was lovely as well. And I cannot wait to re-create his amazing looking duck next week during my cooking segment on "Cada Dia".

How lucky was Dale to have Todd English to French cut his lamb chops? Those puppies were gorgeous! Another home run for Dale in presentation and execution.