Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez gives his take on the spicy Soap Opera challenge.

on Jul 19, 2007

Casting is now starting for Top Chef Season 4, and let me tell you folks, it ain't as easy as it looks! To all of you aspiring contestants out there, remember: It's not your kitchen. In your own kitchen, things are familiar and you rule the roost. In Top Chef kitchens, the Magical Elves, Top Chef's amazing production team, make the rules, and you have to adapt. Regardless, for those of you who do make the cut, I hope you get digs similar to this season's at the Fountainbleu in Miami! tc_305_group_320x240.jpg
Last week I got a few questions about the Chaine des Rotisseurs organization. Truthfully I have not been to a Chaine event for some time as I am just too busy running my own restaurant to attend their events, which are usually held on weekends-- always the busiest time for me at Hi-Life Cafe. Yes, I wore one of those dreaded sashes. However, being the eternal optimist, I found the sashes especially handy for hiding wine and mustard stains! The medals on the sashes,or bling as some have suggested, are given at special events or when visiting other chapters. Each chapter has its own designated medal. Next, I got a comment from a fellow Floridian who thought that Hung's dismissive remarks to last week's guest judge were similar to my own defense against the "Dark Arts teachers" at the Judges' Table from last season. I say it is the difference between a harmless egret and a vicious snapping gator! Ha!