Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez gives his take on the spicy Soap Opera challenge.

on Jul 19, 2007


Finally, there was a typo on last week's Miami Spice webisode. For my Vera Cruz Snapper, you should use 3 tablespoons of butter, not 3 pounds. My condolences to those of you who tried it that way...and to your hearts.

Joey, it was funny to hear that you didn't want to be the "grey horse"--I guess the role of "dark horse" was already taken! I love the guest chef Maria Frumkin--her dolce tone actually had me swooning. My first thoughts when I heard "frozen piecrust," "90 minutes," and "Lee Anne" at the helm of the pantry problem. Padma actually had a clever comment when she asked CJ if he was trying to "butter up" chef Maria. Shocking!

Tre - I'm glad to see your clean plating styles--I really get a sense of your philosophy. And Hung, it would seem that your dynasty is no more! When I saw you tinkering with the freezer, I thought "Oh no! I'm having ice-cream flashbacks from Season 2!" If you recall, I was the only one to have my ice cream plated and photo-ready within the time limit. But I digress... Joey, your tarts looked simple and delicious. Rather than try to create a five-course meal from one crust, you streamlined and stayed focused, and it paid off. I am glad to see the judges not simply reward quantity, but straightforward quality.