Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez gives his take on the spicy Soap Opera challenge.

on Jul 19, 2007

Sara N., you must understand that this group really does understand the difference between guacamole and ceviche. And given the challenge, I don't understand why Lia didn't make some sort of tamale instead of polenta. Oh Lia, the rock at the top is always so shaky. And is anyone else detecting a foot-fetish theme from Padma? First there were the fried toes and now she is talking about Achilles' heels?! Howie, I was really impressed that you have now won two Elimination Challenges with two different pork dishes. You are a rare medium well-done! (Will somebody please give him a towel to wipe all that sweat while he is cooking? Perhaps that is the piquant in his sauce. Hmm.) I was a bit surprised that Sarah M. did not at least get a mention in the top three as her stuffed poblano looked superb, and she finally got to show off a bit of her cheese expertise with that homemade queso fresco. Hers was obviously a favorite of the Telemundo folks as well.

Joey once again demonstrated straightforward flavors will win a crowd over. That dish reminded me very much of my Mom's Camarones Enchilados recipe, which is so aromatic and flavorful. (You can get that recipe on one of my upcoming Miami Spice Webisodes.) I was thinking Joey might actually have that rare back to back Quickfire/Elimination win in the same episode. It was obviously a difficult decision as to who should go, but it seemed the bland polenta did Lia in. She was one of my favorite. But have no fear, she just needs to keep focused and keep her eyes on her craft.

I have no doubt that she has a wonderful future in store, and cannot wait to taste some of her cuisine in the future--either at Jean Georges or her own restaurant that she will no doubt someday run. Anyway, don't forget to watch this weeks Miami Spice webisode here at You are going to love my delicious baby clam and chorizo recipe. I always appreciate any comments or feedback you might have. Until next week, stay tuned and break an egg!