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Casey Thompson

What The Chef?!

So, in the Top Chef house, everyone is tired. Up for 40 hours, with little rest, and back to the grind. Sounds like my schedule in the first kitchen I worked in! They had fun though -- isn't that the point? So, what do we have today in the Top ch...
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Good To Be Back

Hey everyone! Again, it's good to be chatting with you regarding the latest shows! This season is just starting to get good. The contestants are starting to show some real talent! I still have my predictions: Richard, Stephanie, and Antonia are m...
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On My Soapbox

Hi guys! I am sorry that I have been unavailable to blog! Things are really going great here in the big "D." the restaurant is buzzing. It's not that I didn't want to blog, it's that I could not find the time. So, I wanted to make sure that I...
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Chomping at the Bit

Getting the ball rolling and wasting no time was clearly Bravo's plan when they created the second episode. I am attentively watching my television, trying to learn everyone's names (sorry Ryan for calling you Brian last week), and remembering how...
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Back in the Saddle

Wow! Back in the saddle! At least this time around, it's more comforting knowing I have one foot in the saddle AND one foot out! I've missed the cat-like smirk on Padma's face as she would introduce our death dejour. And I have also missed the...
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