Casey Thompson

Season 3's Casey Thompson disagrees with the judges' decision. Let her explain.

on Mar 20, 2008

Getting the ball rolling and wasting no time was clearly Bravo's plan when they created the second episode. I am attentively watching my television, trying to learn everyone's names (sorry Ryan for calling you Brian last week), and remembering how difficult it was with 14 left. With everyone running around on this episode, I found myself frantically taking notes in order to keep up with their dishes. Bravo is on a mission, to find the next Top Chef -- and the chefs are going to earn it.

Quickfire: These are the challenges that are set up to show the key players and who the weak links are. The chefs are given only certain ingredients from the kitchen that they are allowed to use (pay attention!) and the remaining ingredients are to be purchased at an outdoor market. We really enjoyed these opportunities. We could pick through specialty produce so fresh the dirt remained on the roots. Specialty butters, meats, and honeys make this a great chance to make an inventive and creative dish. Off they go in the "Highlanders" to a market that apparently only sells meat and potatoes! Let's go over this one more time: They were given a limited amount of ingredients. They were not told to do colorless dishes!

Richard, impressed by today's judge, Wylie Dufresne, shot out of the gate with a believed surefire winner. The menu consisted of molecular gastronomy -- with a side of chicken and apples. Richard explains his plan to take simple, good ideas and apply science to make them better. His face looked like the new kid in the kitchen just seasoned his all day bordelaise with sugar instead of salt! Chef Dufresne did feel sorry for him. "The dish is not terribly overpowered by eucalyptus." WHEW! Sorry Richard, the Chef himself was apologetic for his own lack of interest in your dish! MY two cents: I have a feeling that most of the cool things that Richard has in store for us will be continually foiled by time restraints, crowded kitchens, and awkward situations. That is unfortunate because I believe that the fans are ready to see some cool things.