Casey Thompson

Casey shares her thoughts on Wedding Wars.

on May 8, 2008

At that moment, all her other teammates had to do was make a semi-homemade meal and they would STILL be safe. Pack you bags lady! And when the clock begins the countdown, the team is divided and this is never good.

First of all, the cake is the major issue here. The cake must be completed by the end, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is going to require the most capable person to provide all attention to the cake. One person down. That leaves three to carry the rest of the work load.

But, Nikki decides she is going to make homemade tortellini and take herself out of the workload! Two people down! That leaves two people to prepare the rest of the dishes. Not a good plan. A better plan of action might have been, divide up the workload -- maybe Nikki makes the pasta dough, but does not roll them out all by herself. Anyone can learn to assemble the pasta; this could have been a team effort.

Instead, the team is left with only two people to knock out the bulk of the many projects because two of the team members are completely tied up making cakes and pastas! The other dishes suffered! It appeared to me that none of the other projects were completed to the standards of the majority, but who else was left to monitor these things? And if the team is not talking to each other, of course the bruschetta will be hard and dry if that was not even Dale's idea! If the bread was not cut to snuff, who was there to check the width?!

Things are spiraling out of control and all of a sudden, Nikki wants nothing to do with leading the team, Dale is acting like a hard-ass and the other two are doing nothing but complaining. The was NO CHANCE this team was going to pull out on top!!