Casey Thompson

Casey shares her thoughts on Wedding Wars.

on May 8, 2008

Does this really define the chef? I'm not a wedding caterer either. Come on. I certainly know that there are things that CAN define you such as your behavior with others. Also, the kind of product you put out -- and EVEN how well you run a restaurant! Catering a wedding? I'm sorry -- I do not feel this defines you as a chef.

Just put out the most simple, perfect dishes you can execute and dishes that you know will hold up well on a buffet line. That is all you can do in a situation like that! I think that the Top Chef competition should exist on Friday and Saturday nights in different kitchens around the globe. You should be doing prep, execution, and clean up. Judge that! Im in!!! Sorry, Nikki. Keep your head up.

But, I must admit that I really never thought you were going to make it from the beginning. I was surprised you made it thus far. Congrats to the winner -- Until next time folks! Get out there and eat! It's good to be back!