Chrissy Teigen Recruited an Adorable Helper to Organize Her Epic Kitchen... Baby Luna!

And in the process, the model mama encouraged the next generation of culinary talent around the house.

Do you never quite get around to organizing your mess of a spice drawer? That's a task that Chrissy Teigen constantly put off too. Until, that is, she got someone to help. Sure, the multihyphenate could have hired a pro organizer for the task — or even recruited someone among her 8 million Twitter followers to come do the job. (You know people would be lining up down the block for the chance, too.)

Instead, however she found a little helper close to home. That would be her one-year-old baby, Luna. 

Here's the adorable video Chrissy posted of Luna carefully working on separating the oregano from the paprika. She wrote in the caption: "Been dreaming of doing this for years now and finally did it with the help of my baby bear - organized my spice drawer with labels and matching jars oh god it's the little things!"

That dose of cuteness aside, by the way, how cool is that tall sliding drawer specifically made for spice jars? It's dream kitchen material. You could scan your eyes and see every single one of your spices at once, instead of rustling around for the Old Bay way in the back of the cabinet like some people. (Us.) Chrissy's right, the matching glass jars and labels are really the piece de resistance

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