Creepy-Ass Clowns Are Delivering Donuts Now, So Don't Expect to Ever Sleep Again

Looking for a Halloween “treat” to send to your “friends” as a “gift?”

Clowns are creepy. They're creepy when they’re making balloons at the circus, creepy when they’re the title character of Italian operas, and creepy as all hell when they’re sauntering mysteriously around the woods.

(Remember when that was a thing? Don’t forget that was a thing. If we do, the clowns win.)

But now there’s a new way clowns can creep you out: as your donut-delivery people. Indeed, now you can go ahead and scare the sh...prinkles out of your friends with scary clowns delivering desserts.

Hurts Donut in Frisco, Texas recently made some waves when it offered the special opportunity to customers to order a box of donuts delivered by a clown. And not just any clown, but a nightmare-inspiring smiling clown with jagged teeth and some red balloons. And unsurprisingly people immediately took the opportunity to scare the s*** out of their friends and co-workers.

The special (creepy) deliveries were only available for two days, but PopSugar reports that the donut shop took to Facebook with the caveat it would consider adding a day for out-of-town deliveries to surrounding communities — provided there was enough interest for more deliveries.

Not it. Please, lord, no — not it.

Photo: Hurts Donut - Frisco Texas/Facebook

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