Curtis Stone Always Travels With 2 Things: One Practical... and One You Wish Your Man Had

One keeps him feeling fresh, the other connected.

Top Chef Jr. host Curtis Stone is an experienced world traveler, but the most important items he packs on any trip aren't fancy at all.

"The one item that I pack in my travel bag no matter what is of course my toothbrush," he told Jet Set (clip above). "You've got to have fresh breath, you've got to keep your teeth clean." Amen to that.

But beyond that practical essential, his other on-the-road must-have might make your heart melt.

"When I travel, I take my journal with me because I write a little love letter to my boys and I try and keep them updated in what's going on in my life and their mom's life," he shares. "And one day when they're 20 or 30 I'll give it to them, and they'll probably be really bored reading it but I think it'll be something really nice for them to read one day."


That doesn't necessarily mean that his family packs light when they travel; in fact, wife Lindsay Price recently admitted otherwise.

But hey, it's good to keep track of the vitals off the bat.

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