Curtis Stone Would Want This One Kitchen Utensil if He Was Trapped on a Deserted Island

The bonus is that it serves dual purposes.

Top Chef Jr. host Curtis Stone has a sharp mind capable of many levels of thinking all at once, as The Feast discovered when we asked him what singular kitchen tool he'd take with him on a deserted island.

"If I was trapped on a deserted island, see, I'm so practical and boring, I'd want a big sharp knife," he said (clip above). "Because with that sharp knife, I could cut coconuts, I could go and get some fish and then I could slice them nice and thin and have sashimi."

Oh, and of course that one tool could serve another important function too: "I'd want a knife! If anyone bad came at me I could pull out my knife."

Sashimi and fresh coconut water sounds like a pretty heavenly way to bide away the time on an island, but Curtis hopes he wouldn't have to spend it alone.

"If I was trapped on a deserted Island, I'd want to be with my best mate," he said. "Then we could laugh about how we ran away from our wives and just sit on a deserted island together and drank a lot of beer."

Watch the full clip above, jokes and all.

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