Dale Levitski

Find out what Dale Levitski compares to taking a crap ... if you dare.

on Mar 28, 20080

Sorry I missed last week' s blog ....

I had a crazy week.... Three events. The last was the weekend in Aspen. The Mountain Club where we had the our Season 3 finale asked me back to cook a dinner .... Talk about redemption! The dinner was a hit and I have been asked back for next year .... So lets get to it!!!

I first want to back up and reference Episode 2. The most common questions I get are about what the experience was like, so I want to try and give a little contestant insight. Surviving the first elimination is like barely making it to the bathroom in time when you have to take an emergency crap. You know the one .... You are sweating bullets a few blocks from your house ... fumble with your keys (probably drop them ....) Kinda doin' the pee dance. Pants undone as you run up the stairs, clenching as hard as you can .... Then just in time, you dodge the bullet, sitting down hunched over in relief. That is the exact same feeling of elimination survival relief on Top Chef. Taking a good crap.

Going into the challenges after that first one gets a little more comfortable as you understand the production side, and the initial jitters are shaken off. I feel for Valerie -- her dish sounded good. The mushroom blueberry debacle was uncalled for.