Dale Levitski

Find out what Dale Levitski compares to taking a crap ... if you dare.

on Mar 28, 2008


Onto the next challenge ... Rick Bayless!!! Yes! A Chi town legend! He is an amazing chef and a genuine really, really nice guy! Upscale taco Quickfire … did anyone hear him say upscale? From the looks of it they all bombed, except Richard. I am becoming more and more impressed with his flavors …. It would seem obvious that the first thing you need to do in reinventing the taco is the shell -- start with the structure and go from there …. Richard did a good job. I am sure most of them tasted good …. But guys: Listen to the buzzword in the challenge. UPSCALE! Hopefully you will figure that out after one of your friends gets kicked off on a technical …. (Long Live Sandee!) leeanne_403_02_320x240.jpg

Elimination. Block Party …. Love it. As a native Chicagoan the block party is an institution. I grew up with ours being the highlight of my year. There are huge street fairs all summer long in Chicago. The perfect representation that Chicago is the biggest neighborhood in the world …. My only gripe is two big team challenges in a row. Outside of Restaurant Wars they tend to be a little boring … frustrating as a contestant. Large catering has a terrible UGH factor. When catering volume and being off-site, it is almost impossible to show well as a great restaurant chef.


As far as the dishes themselves … I would have to say a little boring. Running around the neighborhood for ingredients was a fun touch. But the dishes they came up with really didn’t grasp the feel of the block party …. What was that Oreo thing? Why would you transport fried corn dogs? Plastic cheese for mac and cheese?