The World's First Underwater Winery Has Opened in Paradise — And We All Need to Go Right Now

This combines several of our favorite things.

If you've never been to Croatia, it should be on your bucket list: Think epic islands, waterfalls beautiful enough to make your eyes water, and eye-popping history and culture. And now there's another very good reason to visit the stunning European nation: It has just become home to the world's first underwater winery.

About an hour north of the capital city Dubrovnik, in a town called Drače, Edivo Vina winery is now open and welcoming visitors.

Guests can dive with staff and get a glimpse at the process — and while they're down there, they can check out an old sunken boat at the bottom of the the bay. (Talk about solid vacation multitasking)

According to Conde Nast Traveler, however, the process doesn't all take place under the sea: The wine is first aged above ground for three months. Then it's stored in what is known as "amphorae," clay jugs with two handles and a narrow neck, under the sea for one to two years. This kind of storage method is what gives the wine its unique smell of pinewood, according to Lonely Planet.

Owners say the underwater conditions are ideal for cooling and quality, and the stash is "protected with good cork and with two layers of rubber" in order to keep it safe. It's also padlocked to prevent theft.

Who's ready for a trip? (Raising hands furiously over here.)

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