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Eli Kirshtein

Richard is My Hero

March 31, 2011 • 10:00 AM ET
I know that my background with Richard is well-known, I also know that in the past he has written to tell a bit about me, show a different light on me even. I feel like now is a good opportunity to explain why, in my life Richard is always my hero...
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The Outsider

March 24, 2011 • 5:12 PM ET
With the exception of the dozen or so episodes of Top Chef I personally competed in, I have always been an outsider looking in. I do what a lot people, or at least culinarily-minded people, probably do when watching the challenges, tell myself...
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Consistency is Key

March 17, 2011 • 5:42 PM ET
Consistency is the hallmark of a great cook. Without consistency, there is little to no hope to having a quality and successful restaurant. Many legendary chefs, people like Ferran Adria and Thomas Keller, harp constantly on it being the linchpin...
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March 10, 2011 • 10:39 AM ET
The problem with having to cook against the chef who won your season is that you thought you left it behind you. You have cut the competitive nature of your relationship down to a minimum, with the only exception being the occasional and...
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Family Ties

March 3, 2011 • 9:31 AM ET
Everyone has ancestors, and with America being the melting pot it is, the majority of people have different backgrounds to trace. With all of that in mind there are culinary memories and cultures that come with an ancestral past. In someway or...
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Close to Home

February 24, 2011 • 9:24 AM ET
This whole week spoke dearly to me. Being from the south, practically the whole episode hit points close to me. Maybe it was the deep-frying, maybe it was the plight of the Gulf, but it all mattered a lot to me, and to who I am as a chef. ...
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A Soft Spot

February 17, 2011 • 1:45 PM ET
Who didn’t watch Sesame Street at some point in their childhood? It has almost become requisite for American youth to have Big Bird, Oscar, and The Count guiding you through basics of education and social interaction. The experience can even be...
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