Ever Had a Chocolate Club Sandwich? Check Out This Genius Invention

The debate rages: Is SF's craftiest bakery serving a chocolate sandwich, or brownie, or what is that thing?!

San Francisco's cult-favorite bakery Craftsman and Wolves has been getting tons of attention since it opened in 2012—mainly for its brilliantly inventive twists on traditional pastries. Take the Rebel Within, a sausage and Asiago cheese muffin that opens up to reveal a seductively runny egg yolk. But the bakery has a gazillion other spectacular, freshly baked pastries coming out of its kitchen daily, as Top Chef judge Gail Simmons discovers in her recent visit. 

For one thing, there's a mysterious chocolate "brownie," which some claim isn't really a brownie at all; it's more like a "chocolate club sandwich." So, what makes a brownie a brownie? And what exactly is this chocolate-club-sandwich thing they're serving? Also, how does the bakery make its unbelievably delicious blueberry muffins, which have been known to make customers angry when the day's stash runs out? To find out, tune into Episode 3 of Gail's Culinary Adventure—a series Gail shot while filming Top Chef Season 13 all in Californiaas she sits down for a pastry feast with Craftsman's chef William Werner. You'll want to get your hands on those pastries by any means necessary. Just remember, take small bites! Gail will explain why...




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