Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons on her favorite San Francisco street food.

on Dec 15, 2008

Was I the only one blown away by the fact that Andrea won the Quickfire challenge this week? Considering we sent her packing in week two, she has certainly redeemed herself! Although she is the underdog, her victory was no fluke. Her knowledge of ethnic ingredients is impressive and put more than one of her fellow contestants in their place. Obviously, a key component to being a top chef is familiarizing your taste buds with a wide range of ingredients. The more you know, the more dynamic you will be in the kitchen. Until I saw last night's episode, I had no idea that after crawling home with their tails between their legs, our humbled chefs re-enacted the Quickfire challenge as a junk food face-off. I loved every minute of it! After so many tense moments in the kitchen, it was fantastic to see that they were all able to relax, have some fun together and laugh at themselves. But bar none, the best part of the episode for me was the chance to spend a sunny afternoon in San Francisco's Mission District. This ever-evolving neighborhood is a haven for foodies, with exciting discoveries at every turn.