Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons talkes TV dinners and Joey's narrow-mindedness.

on Aug 1, 20070

Bertolli has taken the technology one step further by creating a product that gives its customers the satisfaction of finishing the dish on the stovetop with a quick stir and the addition of a garnish or two. This creates the comforting illusion of preparing a home-cooked meal. The re-creation of this sense of accomplishment, combined with the convenience of a 10-minute pasta dinner, was what we had in mind for this episode's Elimination. It was the first challenge I can recall where several of the contestants actually failed to understand what was required of them and, in turn, were unable to complete the challenge properly. I cannot tell if this was because they did not pay attention to the instructions and the time allotted, or if they were so worried about getting the task done that they forgot to do it well. Either way, I loved watching this episode after the fact. It really gives us all a sense of our contestants' personalities

. I really enjoyed sampling both CJ and Tre's Black Truffle & Parmesan Linguini with Grilled Chicken, Tuscan Kale and Tomato Confit, as well as Casey and Dale's Turkey & Pork Meatballs with Orecchiette, Vegetables and Spinach Almond Pesto. The question of whether or not all their ingredients were found in the Mediterranean region did not bother me.

At least they were from the general vicinity. You could tell that these dishes were cooked by individuals who were able to work together toward a common goal. That, to me, is what matters most.



Gretchen/Claire? Jumped the shark.It iattrries me how the producers take to the table this train of ideas Heroes is a superhero show -> only straight guys watch -> viewership is falling, so girl-on-girl action will get their rocks off -> higher ratings. Way to stereotype your target audience, objectify women, glorify stalking, and trivialise same-sex attraction. >