Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons might not have been there, but she loved watching this week's episode from the comfort of a couch.

on Oct 22, 2009 Michael got a little testy with Bryan in the kitchen over the cod dish.
When you're working in a stressful situation in a team with a competitor who is also your ally it's really difficult. If one of them happens to be your brother you can sort of take licenses with each other, but you can also get angrier because the little things they do might bother you more than other people. You also love them unconditionally so you might treat them differently than other people, and that's a really interesting dynamic. They're both really strong personalities and there's a lot of ego in the history there. Then we get to the dessert.
That's where Robin and Michael had their little face-off. They're both to blame. Michael was being especially harsh on Robin because he was annoyed with her and he couldn't help himself. She had her back up against the wall, was probably already feeling like people were coming down on her, and wanted to prove herself. Her mistake was that she picked the wrong time to prove herself. The moment a dish needs to go out to a customer is not the time to stamp your foot and say me, me, me. Did you think it was risky that Bryan made that Ganache?
I think it wasn't very creative that he chose to do the same thing he had done in a Quickfire, but he knew he could execute it well. Tom said it was the best restaurant in all six seasons of Restaurant Wars. What do you think about that?
It was the most exciting Restaurant Wars to watch. They're always exciting, but the most exciting part is that you saw two really balanced teams and it was very fair. You really had no idea how it was going to turn out. You saw them do so well, and you just felt so great about it, or at least I did! It's hard because I wasn't a judge in this episode, but it seemed they put out solid food and a restaurant they could be proud of. That is a huge feat because they did it in an enormously stressful and limited period of time. It's an incredibly difficult challenge. Let's talk about Mission. Jen was responsible for both fish dishes.
That's her specialty and I don't think she did herself justice. She made some errors because she ran out of time. Her first dish, in theory, could have been a great dish. But she steamed the mussels and clams to order and that wasted an enormous amount of time. That took time away from everything else she had to do and it was a mistake. Her seared trout just seemed to totally fall apart. It didn't look appealing, so I can't imagine it tasted appealing either. Tom made a comment that Chef Ripert wouldn't have been pleased.
You know, she has set that bar really high, and that's one of the reasons why we were disappointed in her and this team. At the end of the day we have expectations and we want them to succeed. After all, this was a team of four solid cooks. When they all make mistakes like that and the judges know they are capable of better it's an even greater disappointment and I think that really showed on this challenge. Jennifer's a tough cookie and she admitted she was broken. They knew before Judges' Table that they had a lot to explain.