Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons might not have been there, but she loved watching this week's episode from the comfort of a couch.

on Oct 22, 2009 Do you think that part of the problem was lack of leadership?
I don't think that was the problem here. I think they probably could have communicated with Laurine better though. The issue wasn't really about leadership, it was an issue that stemmed from other things. Their cooking issues had nothing to do with that. I'm sure Jennifer and Laurine could have communicated more, but I don't think it would not have changed the results. It was Laurine that ultimately went home. Judging purely as a viewer, do you think it was her time?
I'm just a viewer in this. I don't really know how long they waited for their food and all that. We didn't see all of service, but it sounded like she was pretty frazzled. She placed the food on the table and walked away, barely checked on them. Eli was so present and eager, and he took the time to explain things. She should have been on her game and she was overwhelmed. Again, it was an even playing field here. Eli's team had the same amount of diners, same circumstances, and the same amount of time. All things considered, when they're laid out side by side, Laurine just did not do a good job. It’s too bad because she is a good cook. She will missed.