Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons' behind-the-scenes take on Ted Allen's party.

on Dec 15, 2008

Having Ted Allen as the guest judge this week definitely upped the ante for our contestants. Ted is an accomplished cook, and as we all know he has a great sense of style. He was also the first judge on the show who was not a professional restaurant chef. In some ways his dinner party Elimination Challenge forced everyone to work harder than they had before in order to impress him. I think they viewed Ted more as a discriminating critic than a teacher. And he brought with him a room full of San Francisco's most opinionated foodies, armed and ready to give their two cents as well! This was the challenge many of our chefs had been waiting for - a sophisticated, multi-course meal for a group of serious diners.

The twist of switching who cooked which course at the last minute was only one of the tests they faced as they entered the kitchen at Frisson. This challenge also required them to work as one cohesive unit for the first time in an upscale restaurant setting. They were forced to play off each other's strengths and weaknesses, share space and also share one single menu. Constructing a well-balanced meal of seven courses is no easy task, especially when each person is vying for his or her course to stand out from the rest. Overall, I thought they all did an excellent job, beginning when Stephen agreed to put his pretensions aside and act as pastry chef, since he could not be eliminated no matter how dessert turned out. Even though in the end it became Harold's responsibility, I was impressed with how well the two of them worked together. In fact, what stood out most for me through the entire meal was just that: the striking contrasts between our contestants, yet how unified they became.