Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons recalls the upscale BBQ challenge. She also has some Ilan Hall updates.

on Jun 18, 2007

Her choice to poach the lobster in vanilla butter, while perhaps delicious in another context, eliminated any trace of possible barbecue flavor and could have been made just as easily on the stove. The dueling flavors of dates, pancetta and butter also drowned out the subtly of her main ingredient. Tre, Howie and Joey were also at the bottom of our list for not being upscale enough, but they did all prepare food that tasted and felt appropriate for an outdoor barbecue setting -- as uninspired as they were.

Had Sandee perhaps grilled those lobsters it may have been another story.... I was sad to see her go as I go the impression that she was an earnest and committed cook. However, the good news is that at this early stage of the competition we were eating better than we ever had. I can only expect that the best is yet to come.