Gail Simmons

You think judging is easy? Gail Simmons dispells that myth.

on Jul 11, 2007

Speaking of objectivity, I've also been asked if, in the course of my job, there's ever any food I don't like or if, as a rule, I eat everything. Everyone has their own food associations, and I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys everything put before them. I could talk about this subject forever, as I find really picky eaters and people with long lists of food issues particularly fascinating.

What I will say is that there are, of course, a few things I prefer not to eat, namely veal and black beans. Both are irrational aversions and by no means do they constitute absolute restrictions. I may never order them at a restaurant, but if someone cooks them for me I will always try them, out of respect. I do, as a rule, try to be objective with every dish set before me and will try anything once. Even if it is not a dish I think I will like, I believe I owe it to the chef who worked hard to cook it to try their food with an open mind. Regardless of whether I really like it, I still appreciate the thought and skill that went into preparing it and try to understand what that person was thinking, what they did wrong and/or what they could have done better. Sometimes during the course of deliberations I come to realize that something was in fact a great dish, even if not suited to my specific taste.