Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons explains why learning from your mistakes is so important.

on Jun 13, 2007

Now don't think I do any of this alone: I am joined by a team of food obsessed co-conspirators whom I can only describe as the coolest, smartest, most committed people I know, not to mention the gracious support of the City of Aspen and over 500 local volunteers who spend countless hours working hard to ensure that, for four miraculous days in June, Aspen, Colorado is the center of the epicurean universe. It is one heck of a party, if I do say so myself. But before I get too caught up in the festivities, I cannot help but tell you how excited I am for Ilan Hall, our Season Two winner, to experience the magic that is this very special event. As part of his prize, Ilan will be the star a number of times this weekend: cooking a prestigious charity lunch to help support Food & Wine's Grow for Good campaign, along side eco-focused chef Ryan Hardy of The Little Nell, and in a race against the clock cooking challenge (something at which we all know Ilan excels) that pits him against mastermind Jacques Pepin, in our annual Classic Cook-off.