Gail Simmons

Why Gail Simmons went green and why you should too!

on Oct 31, 2007

Chew on this:

America loses two acres of farmland every minute to commercial and residential development and poor food production.

The majority of the money spent on grocery store food goes to suppliers, processors, middlemen, and marketers. Only 3.5 cents of each dollar actually goes to the farmers.

Fruits and vegetables shipped from other states or countries can spend between 7 and 14 days in transit to your local supermarket. And within a week of harvest, natural sugars in fruits and vegetables turn to starches, plant cells shrink and produce loses its vitality.

Many of our foods have been genetically modified or crossbred to withstand shipping. Food that has to be transported long distances is often preserved with waxes, irradiation, gases, and synthetic chemicals, such as fungicides and sprout inhibitors.

40% of our fruit is produced overseas, even though broccoli is likely grown within 20 miles of the average American's house. The broccoli we buy at the supermarket travels an average of 1,800 miles to get there!