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Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons: Top Chef Isn't for Everyone

January 26, 2016 • 11:30 AM ET For the Quickfire challenge all of the chefs had to use exactly the same ingredients. It's really interesting how varied all of the dishes were. Gail: I think it's such a great exercise -- taking ten of the exact same ingredients and...
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Gail: As a Chef You Need to Be Adaptable

December 9, 2015 • 3:11 PM ET Episode two was a completely new format...a pop up challenge! Gail Simmons: The pop up episode is one of the craziest episodes we’ve done because we shot it live. The day that we shot it we tweeted out to LA to come to...
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Gail: Mei's Menu Was Almost Flawless

February 11, 2015 • 10:00 PM ET It's the Top Chef finale! For the elimination challenge the chefs had to create the best four course meal of their lives. No small task! Gail Simmons: It's definitely a challenge, but they knew it was coming. They had lots of time to...
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