Goodbye to Noma: Where to Eat in Copenhagen After the "Best Restaurant in the World" Closes

Fear not, foodies.

Internationally lauded, winner of many accolades (including four-time Best Restaurant in the World) and two Michelin stars, there are few restaurants that have inspired such reverence over the past decade as Copenhagen’s Noma. Renowned for its reinvention of Danish cuisine, and its ushering in of the “New Nordic Cuisine” movement, Noma’s tasting menus featured obscure Scandinavian delicacies — musk ox and Icelandic seaweed, for example — prepared using innovative techniques.

At the end of 2016, Noma as we know it will permanently close and the team will return with a brand new venture, an urban farm. Nevertheless, there are plenty more excellent restaurants in Copenhagen, where even if, unlike Ladies of London's Caroline Fleming, you were not born into Danish royalty, you can dine like a queen on your next visit to the city.

1.  Restaurant 108

This summer, the team behind Noma launched a new venture, Restaurant 108, preceded by a soft launch at the beginning of the year, in the original Noma location in the Christianshavn neighborhood. Restaurant 108 is a more casual affair than Noma, meaning less lengthy tasting menus, more quick a la carte dinners — but still, there's a former Noma chef at the helm.

2.  Relæ

Owned by Noma alumnus Christian Puglisi, (whose other restaurants Manfreds, Bæst, and Mirabelle, you should also try to squeeze in a visit to) Relæ is in the hip and diverse neighborhood of Nørrebro. The restaurant is the proud owner of a Michelin star and offers unfussy organic cuisine, with a dash of Sicilian influence, served in an intimate, minimal space. The atmosphere here is decidedly low key compared to the elevated dining experience of Copenhagen’s other top stops.

3.  Amass

Another product of Noma’s legacy, Amass is owned by former head chef, Matthew Orlando. Amass is located in the former shipyard area of Refshaleøen, across the harbor from such famous sights as the Little Mermaid. The restaurant focuses on seasonal Nordic ingredients, many sourced from its own garden, and features spare, industrial-chic design, as well as a mural by local graffiti artist Solen1. To truly complete the experience of dining here, catch a harbor bus and arrive at the restaurant by water.

4.  Geist

Who could forget the Ladies of London’s awkward dinner at Caroline’s favorite restaurant, Geist, where Annabelle Neilson kindly let all her castmates know what she really thought of them? Hopefully your visit will be drama free, allowing you to focus on the restaurant’s imaginatively prepared, artfully presented and locally focused cuisine, and its Scandi-chic polished stone and metal interiors. Geist is in the center of the city, on the main square, Kongens Nytorv.

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