Guest Judge

The renowned Chicago chef and guest judge talks tailgating.

Apr 16, 2008

blogs_406_01.jpg Are you a big Bears fan? What are the tailgates usually like?
Yes, I am. I don't usually go to tailgates but they usually have lots of people BBQing, throwing footballs, that sort of thing. What do you think the most important factors were to being successful at this challenge?
Picking an appropriate dish and organization What was the biggest problem with Ryan's dish? Could he have made a successful dessert?
It wasn't the dish -- it was the dishes. He tried to do too much and so everything suffered. Dale wins with his tandoori pork ribs -- can you elaborate on how these were, why these were a good choice?
They were appropriate for a tailgate but he brought it to the next level and they were delicious. What would you have made with this challenge?

Cooking competitions are great for some people but it isn't for me, so I wouldn't have made anything because I wouldn't have done it.