Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle on Restaurant Wars and why Mikey was his boy.

on Jan 10, 2007

And let's talk Ilan. Making a vinaigrette foam to try to make a statement about Marcel, out of spite.... I don't get it, man. How do you do that? You're supposed to be taking the opportunity to represent yourself and your food. Not making food to mock somebody else. I had a problem with that.

The Elimination Challenge was great. We had to go through it last year too. Getting a place open in a few months is hard, believe me. Let alone doing it in one day. Challenging is an easy way to say it. I really liked both team's concepts. There were issues on both sides, of course. If you're going to say that you're going to do old school Italian food, then what's up with that watermelon dish? There's nothing old school about that. And you can't open an Italian restaurant with no wine. You just...you can't. Have any of them been to Italy? It's tough question. The one thing I will say: Nobody on either team has any experience with front of the house experience. So trying to do that also plays into it. When I did this challenge, I was blessed to have both Tiffany and Dave, who'd both had this experience. Without them, my team would have gotten beat up on. It just shows that having the yin and the yang is always going to help you out.