Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle reveals his favorite so far and explains the process of rendering skin.

on Apr 9, 2008

What's rendering? Duck is something that has such a thick, dense fat, like a pork belly, or bacon, or any type of cured meat. When it's slowly cooking it, the fat melts, almost like butter, so it's basically the same thing as melting the fat. Maybe I'm being a little harsh because duck is kind of my thing, and I just didn't think they gave it the love it deserved. Duck and pomegranates go great together. What they put with it, I thought was a great accompaniment. The handling of the duck itself, though, the duck could have used a lot more love.

As far as the little drink goes, it's not my thing. A lot of times, you have three people, and everyone wants to have their presence felt, so you do a little more, and you do this, you do that. But it didn't look nice. The drink didn't look nice. There was some pomegranate seed in there -- it looked like foggy water. It did. It didn't have a beautiful, pristine ruby color. You know, I can't taste it, I'm just strictly going on visuals.

Team Water was a f***ing mess.You can totally sous-vide fish, but first of all, when you do salmon, my first thing is, why would you leave the skin on the fish? I know you want to keep the moisture in, but sous-vide salmon skin and then you serve it with it on it, is not going to taste good -- I guarantee it. Even if there weren't scales on it. It's not a skin that steams well. I like a snapper skin or a black sea bass skin that you can pierce through nice and gingerly and eat it. It's not that type of skin.