Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle reveals his favorite so far and explains the process of rendering skin.

on Apr 9, 2008

What I would have liked to have seen them do is cut the salmon skin off, cut it into pieces, brush it with some glucose or simple syrup or whatever you want and make little coquants or tuiles out of the skin and really crisp it up and give the dish some texture. Because if you look at their dish, you've got the faux caviar -- I've said my piece on that last week -- but I don't really know why they were getting up in Mark's shit about the parsnip and vanilla. I think those flavors go really nicely together. So, it was one of those situations where I would have had a hard time figuring out who to send home. And the scales? That's a major, major f***up. The fact of the matter is that Richard's been doing a really nice job, and they weren't ready to send him home yet for sure. I knew that he wasn't packing his bags because he's got major skills, and everybody gets at least one strike I would hope.

Team Fire's bacon was phenomenal; it looked great. And Dale can go and say whatever he wants about Lisa winning for cooking bacon, if you're going to break out a technique or a move that nobody's seen before, you're going to get props on it. I've never cooked bacon like that before. I've never thought about cooking bacon like that before. I don't know why I haven't put bacon with miso and maple syrup, but I'm thinking about throwing something like that on my brunch menu. It sounded phenomenal. Chili-grilled shrimp has been done before. Everybody knows about it. You're not putting anything new on the table. It takes some skill to do it right, certainly, and not overcook the shrimp for making that many plates, but it was good to see Lisa throw it down, and say, "You know what, guys? I don't want to make this. I don't want to do eggs. I think it's a bad move." And it paid off. Her resilience paid off. So, I respect that.

Serving hot food as a first course is just one of those things. There are a couple of ingredients, you gotta be really careful, and chilies are one of them as a first course. It's not that big of a deal. You can have a warm canape. Chilies are a concern. Garlic is another. Garlic that's not really cooked down really slowly, roasted garlic, raw garlic, you're going to be burping that up the whole meal. Blue cheese, peppers, types of things that are really strong and pungent -- you want save them towards the latter part of the meal. But Tom's absolutely right -- you have to be really careful with chilies.