Harold Dieterle

You asked. Top Chef Harold Dieterle answers.

on Nov 29, 20060

As a New Yorker, I've been waiting, waiting, WAITING to hear news about your new restaurant -- Where? When? I'll be there. And will any of your Top Chef buddies be there to work with you? Roger

First of all, Roger, thanks for all of your support. Hopefully we're securing the lease by the new year and opening by mid-March. That's what we're shooting for. As for location, we'll just say "West Village location." There have been some other questions about whether or not any of the contestants from Season 1 will be helping out in the kitchen. Everybody's too high profile for little old me. I can't afford anybody. But you know, a friend in need -- I'm sure they'll come bail me out.

Why do you have that scar in your head? Actually, it's like a little nick. Did Tiffany wack you in the head with a frying pan? Are you okay? John Sanchez

It's on the back of my head. It's an old teen Halloween incident where during my delinquent days. I was being chased and I ran into a telephone pole, there were stitches.