Harold Dieterle

Find out which dish Harold describes as "weird," "really weird."

on Apr 17, 2008

Ribs? Great idea. I thought Richard's burger idea was by far the best. That sounded just like holy s*** -- I need one of those right now. I think I had a couple gin and tonics in me when I was watching the show. I was like I want one of those right now. I was like that looks good. That looked really nice.

I thought for the most part they did a really nice job. They figured it out. Ryan didn't. He didn't get it. He's metrosexual and goes dancing and isn't a sports guy .... Maybe he hasn't experienced that type of culture where it's a lot of people that -- even though they might not consume like that in their regular lives -- but you kind of go into that Neanderthal state of mind when you go into those sporting events. I know I do. I'm a huge Giants fan, a big football fan, a baseball fan. When I go to that, I don't want any finger food. I want to get my hands dirty. I want to throwdown and consume in the masses.

But, Ryan's a total gentleman. I don't think I've seen anyone on the show who's presented himself better. I want to know that kid. He's a good guy. Just look at him - he's a gentleman. He's a first-rate kid. But, you watch him going along and he's kind of skating along and at no point did he make anything that was just "Wow -- that looks tasty." But he looked like a great guy.

Would I choose a charcoal grill over a gas grill? Yeah -- sure why not? I think to me it's a challenge thing. But Mark was kind of in a s***storm. The station looked kind of a disaster.