Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle on Malarkey, Howie's exit, and guest judge Dana Cowin.

on Sep 5, 2007


This week's Quickfire Challenge was pretty tough. I''m surprised they had this one so far into the game. I would've liked to have seen what else was on the kitchen pantry table. It was very vague. I saw some cornstarch and I saw some limes and eggs. But I didn't really get a feel for what they got to work with. This challenge was kind of on the same tune as our convenience store challenge, and when they had to cook out of a little vending machine last season. With this one, some of them I thought had tougher aisles than others.

Specifically speaking, I was just thoroughly amused watching Hung put his dish together. I can't remember who it was, Brian or CJ, who said it looked like a Smurf Village -- it was really funny. His dish and Frank's "Mushroom Fantasy" from last season have by far been the two most entertaining dishes I've seen produced. I was just cracking up. He was just having fun with it and laughing, and I just thought, "This is what it's all about." The guest judge, who I'm not familiar with, clearly wanted to take everything a lot more seriously than was necessary. I would like to see him put under those parameters and put something together.

Brian cracks me up. Anybody that refers to themselves in the third person, I personally think highly of. Everytime he calls himself "Malarkey", I laugh to myself. I thought he did a good dish. It looked good, it made sense, and I'm a fan of the Spam. So I thought he did a nice job.

Casey's parfait? That looked great. It looked sharp. It was layered really well and it looked like she knew what she was doing. It was really well-made. She mentioned that she has some pastry experience. She definitely goes the sweet route a lot more than anybody else, but she looks like she has come prepared to do some desserts when she gets there.