Harold Dieterle

What made Harold jealous in this episode? Hint: It wasn't Otto and the lychee situation.

on Oct 25, 2006

And then there was the whole Otto situation with the lychee cans. He's a good - spirited fellow and he's got a good heart. But the spirit of the competition, time after time after time, you will make bad decisions. And just by watching him, and reading stuff about him, you kind of get that he doesn't have a bad bone in his body. I think he made a bad decision. I don't think he was trying to be a thief, but that was pretty harsh to watch how pressure can get you to make bad decisions.

People have also been yapping about Padma in her blog. And I have to say that I think Padma brings a lot to the table. Beside the fact that she's really attractive. Working alongside her, she does a great job. She was asked to come in, with two judges, Tom and Gail, who have established themselves as really knowledgeable. The premise of the show is really successful. It's a lot of pressure on Padma to jump in there, and I think she's doing a great job. One last thing: I remember on Season 1, there were so many times where just before we got to the judges table, people were packing their bags, getting ready to go. There's not a single day of ease and calm unless you win a Quickfire challenge and get a free pass. Aside form that, it's crazy! You can already see people starting to freak out. I think that by the end of this, half of them will be in anger management, and the other half will be in AA.