Harold Dieterle

Season 1 winner Harold Dieterle deep dishes on the season premiere.

on Mar 12, 2008

Here's the thing: If you work at a lot of contemporary restaurants, the classics aren't on the menu. If I had to make all the things on the list, like, I haven't had to make a souffle in a really long time, so that would be challenging. Most people don't have that type of stuff on their menus. So, I mean if there's someone there who can't make crab cakes, steak frittes or shrimp scampi, they shouldn't even be in the competition. Most of that stuff is so straightforward, it was just the souffle that I thought might be challenging.

What it comes to is that neither of the souffles were really souffles. But, at the same time I've been through the motions of it, and you can't do a souffle and then present your food last. It can't just sit there. So, from a timing perspective it's not really fair that the contestants had to put a traditional souffle up and then wait for all the food to be presented.

I don't have any immediate favorite contestants so far -- I still couldn't even tell you their names, there are too many of them. Quite a few of them have some personalities, and it's a very diverse group as always.

It wasn't a surprise that Nimma went home. The food was over-salted, and it just didn't look appetizing. If you're going to make a scampi, why would you marinate the shrimp in parsley? What would parsley add to a marinade? Parsley is more of a poignant herb when you get it raw and it's more of a palate cleanser. If you're just going to sit there and marinate parsley and then cook it, it's probably not going to do very much. It was just very unmemorable. Also, making shrimp scampi with cauliflower is just wildly inappropriate. There just doesn't seem to be any continuity of flavors.

In terms of the couple, Zoi and Jennifer, I think it would be nice to have someone there you can cope with, but at the same time you're emotionally attached and there's only going to be one winner. At some point, somebody's going to be upset. Harold www.perillanyc.com