Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle questions Spike's choices.

on May 14, 2008


And about Lisa calling out Andrew: I think that being put on the chopping block brings out things in people. It makes people more outspoken than I think they would've been otherwise. Neither one of them necessarily wanted to go home, and she definitely didn't want to go home. And sometimes you throw people under the bus, and that's the way it went down. I'm sure Lisa will look at this in hindsight and say, "I wish I hadn't said that." She should've just let the judges sort it out on their own.

It's hard to say if the sushi was a good idea or not. I think if you do, it's got to be done really, really well. I don't think of sushi as being hearty, either. And that was, to me, one of the most important elements of the challenge. And sushi just isn't hearty. When I eat sushi, I spend way too much money because I have to eat so much of it to feel full. I probably don't think it was the best idea.