Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle asks the question we're all thinking. Bacon and avocado? Seriously?

on Nov 1, 2006

I think we're really seeing people use their heads. I think Betty, Cliff, Sam, are all being really smart about the shows that they are choosing. You know, Ilan's corn dish was a side, and that wasn't what the judges were looking for. Also -- just sayin' -- it might be time for Ilan to get away from the bacon. That guy cooks with a lot of bacon.

As much as I like Emily, she can say that she's used to cooking this style or that style. She can say she normally cooks high-end food. But seasoning food is seasoning food. And if you're going to render food inedible with too much salt, that's just embarrassing. No chef is going to give you a "nice work" if you can't season something.

I was happy to see Betty win. That she won a second time really helps toward the next competition. It doesn't technically count that someone wins two challenges in a row, but the judges remember that. Unless you're really messing up, they're not going to throw you out. She did well, she has a good attitude, she always smiles. Right now, it's really the Betty and Cliff show.