Harold Dieterle

Season 1 winner Harold Dieterle gives his take on Season 3.

on Jun 29, 2007

First off, I thought it was cool that the chefs caught their own fish in the Quickfire. I like Alfred Portale -- I like what he's about. He's a great chef, and in a lot of ways, he has a similar style to Tom's -- he and Tom Collichio are old school American chefs. So he's a good chef to cook for early on and kind of get a feel for it.

The conch is just a pain in the ass to get out. It's one of those things where you have to be a little relentless. So, when you're running against the clock it's not something you really want to mess with. So I get why they avoided it. I think it's more of a time thing. If the chefs had steady hands and could've relaxed with the time, it wouldn't have been that big of a deal.

Brian works at a fish restaurant -- that's his thing. And I think that it's good to see someone jumping in there and doing what you're supposed to do. I thought the dishes overall were nice -- but nothing blew me away. I did like Howie's dish -- I'm a simple food type of guy and I think ceviche was appropriate. As for Hung and the crawfish incident, honestly I think a lot of stuff he does is more for shock value and trying to get under people's skin a little bit. I don't think he's as big of a badass as he thinks he is.