Harold Dieterle

The Season 1 winner talks snails, sexy technique, and whom he thought deserved the boot.

on Sep 10, 2009

Also, the way they prepared the fish I liked. If you’re going to serve skin on a fish you have to keep it crispy. There’s no point in keeping skin on fish if it’s not going to have texture. What he did was wrap it inside some plastic wrap, cured it or gave it a quick poach, and then portioned it so the exterior was on both sides. At my restaurant, I take chives and I tie it and wrap it so it’s edible. Then, I give it a little roast.

I thought Mattin should have gone instead of Hector. Maybe he saved himself because he came out speaking French. I think if Ashley would have thrown him down then Tom would have drove the bus right over him. But Hector had 4½ hours, so seriously? It was cut poorly and cooked poorly. That’s what happens when you don’t let meat rest. All the juice comes rushing out.

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