Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle talks Ted Allen, Mia's elimination, and curdled drinks.

on Dec 13, 20060

As far as the Elimination Challenge goes, I thought it was really ridiculous that nobody wanted to listen to Mia. You know, she runs a catering company. That's what she does. And they all just kind of bulldozed right past her and said, "this is what we're doing." I think that if you're doing a catering event that size, you're going to have to serve more than four items. Imagine going to a party like that and having a menu selection that's not, you know, complete. And to try to make that food to-order at an event like that -- there are no good words to say about that. It's just crazy.
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I think Sam really did a good job. And you know, I've been defending Marcel for a while, and I really thought it was kind of absurd that he was making faces based on the fact that he wasn't the winner. I get it, it's competive and the kid really wants to win, but Sam really came forward as the team leader. He really stepped up to it and I think he deserved to win.